How To Make Your Pictures Pop!


Bigger may not always be better.

As a former teacher, I loved having a smaller group of students to work with. It gave me the opportunity to spend more quality time with each child.

This past Monday I found out that this rule also applies to adults in learning situations. Russie, Lancelot, and Pierce were able to spend individual, quality time with our small business owners at an intimate gathering at New Revolution Studios.  We spent the evening learning tips and tricks for basic photography from true experts!

Our business owners learned how to take photos that would be sure to stand out on their Yelp page. Eddie, from Brazen Head restaurant, brought his camera and learned a few simple features on taking photos in low light. Others learned how to position the photo, stage a cool shot, and take pictures of a product from different & interesting angles.

It was a great night of learning and everyone walked away with at least one technique they could use to improve their page. I can't wait to do another event like this! Be sure to keep checking in to see what other events I have coming up.